Bodies are not made in heaven.

Heavenly bodies are earned. Earn your body.

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Featured Across Mainstream Media
Our trainers might be the best, but we don’t just stop there. There are programmes held by trainers periodically with adequate techniques so that members benefit from a powerhouse of knowledge which translate into workouts on the studio floor.

Both the National and the Local Media have covered the various happenings at Rush Fitness on a regular basis. Catch a glimpse of all the media houses that covered the brand Rush Fitness and its various events. More>>
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Experience The Best
An adrenalin rush is reason enough for you to walk into our fitness studios to experience an ambience to make you feel comfortable as you enjoy working out with fitness conscious individuals like you. Rush Fitness is more than the concept of merely being a gymnasium. It is about the experience, the ambience, the best equipment and training imparted that depicts a new dimension in the world of fitness. More>>
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Innovative Training Methods
The innovative training methodology in Rush is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. The functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity, requires a certain level of "crazy." Not serial killer crazy, but crazy in that hardcore, "won't quit 'til I'm dead" kind of way. At Rush Fitness we Follow such Innovative training methodology which is sure to bring out the best in you as far as fitness is concerned More>>
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Rush Fitness introduces first of its kind World class training facility with international training protocols for all - from athletes to the common man, from high school students to the tie-wearing-workaholic guy. From contemporary training methods facilitated by state of the art equipments in a world class environment aim at making workouts and fitness a way of life. After all, whats life without a little bit of Rush! Read Our Blog to Know More>>