"Rush Fitness is more than the concept of merely being a gymnasium. It is about the experience, the ambience, the best equipment and training imparted that depicts a new dimension in the world of Fitness. Trainers are very cooperative they guide you to their best "
- Sonia Dang, Rush Fitness Member,Saltlake

“Rush Fitness helped me to take control of my fitness, eating and weight loss goals again. I was 84 kg when I joined Rush Fitness Alipore & now I am 65 kg. The gym not only gave me a good body but also a healthy life style and made me more confident and totally a new person".
–Sahil Awais, Rush Fitness Member,Alipore

" With the help from the Rush Fitness trainers I have finally got my eating addiction in check. Rush fitness has redefined the way in which I lead my life .I feel confident and happy once more"
-Gaurav Ghosh , Rush Fitness Member,Rashbehari

"Reducing 8 kgs in 5 weeks and more 12 kgs in 4 months was a huge thing for me and I am still reducing. Thank you Rush fitness for helping me to achieve my goal. Thanks to all trainers and the nutritionists who have motivated me. Once again thank you"
– Debarpan Roy, Rush Fitness Member, Salt lake

" The journey from 125 kgs to 87 kgs was amazing and this huge transformation was only possible because of Rush Fitness It's because of their training methods and immensely inspiring trainers today I am fit and fine and leading a healthy life Cheers!!"
- Farooque Omar,Rush Fitness Member Alipore.

"Fitness is not about being better than someone else... It's about being better than you use to be" This is something that I have learned over the years.. With the support of my trainers I have changed not only fitness wise but also disciplinary.. I believe that you should never feel that you have achieved your goal because that's where your life will come to a stand still.. So keep pushing yourself to the extreme and your results will keep improving."
- Wesley Menon, Rush Fitness Member Alipore.